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#723 - Stars and Stripes Tumbling Program Curriculum

Managers oftentimes don't invest time and effort into tumbling lessons plans. Here is a chance to kickstart a new "chapter" in your school-age program. This 200-page book of tumbling lesson plans offers five levels of tumbling instruction, from the most basic to a very advanced skill level. Each individual plan connects to a bi-weekly theme and is set up so the athletes are working and learning through a new skill circuit every 15 minutes. Each circuit within a lesson plan has a daily focus, starting off easy and gradually getting harder every week, allowing the athletes to constantly build on skills and techniques learned previously. These plans feature creative and effective drills explained in detail, with instructions on how to set up the class in order to ensure progress from the athletes. The descriptions of each drill are so in-depth, even absolute beginner class instructors can learn how to teach and spot the skills while simultaneously achieving results from their athletes. 

Want to see a sample? Click here or go to the homepage and click on Free Sample Lesson Plans, Handouts, and Articles


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