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#166 - National Preschool and School-Age Survey Results

Never before has anyone pooled this much information to help owners, and preschool and school-age directors find out what other gyms are doing. Patti has assimilated information from 561 gyms via an online survey. Topics include: length of classes, age divisions, ratios, warm-ups, progressions, testing, awards, preschool open gym, how they do make-ups, end-of-year shows, and themes. She also pooled ideas for business trends such a creating client loyalty, tuition collection, and the best marketing tool to attract preschool customers. See how your gym stacks up. Also, as part of the survey, gym owners and directors gave their most creative names for the following: preschool themes (46 in total), school-age themes (28), and names of 28 end-of-the-year shows. Patti shares her insight on the results of these topics and what she does at her gym.(1 hr. video & 7-page book)

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