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Social Media Consultations Available

Need Help with Your Social Media and Online Marketing? One-Hour Phone Consultation with Bernadette Lope Sasak, My Social Media Manager and Marketing Director  - $99

Looking to enhance your social media and online marketing strategies? Look no further than Bernadette Lope Sasak, a seasoned social media manager and marketing director who can offer invaluable guidance and support to take your digital presence to the next level. For just $99, you can book a one-hour phone consultation with Bernadette, during which she can provide expert advice on a range of topics, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more. From determining how often to post to crafting compelling video content, Bernadette can help you optimize your approach and avoid wasting time on ineffective tactics.

But the benefits of this consultation don't stop there. Bernadette can also share her expertise on topics like setting up a successful YouTube channel, creating eye-catching online ads, writing engaging e-newsletters and blogs, and analyzing website performance. Drawing on years of experience, Bernadette can help you identify what has worked for her in the past and what pitfalls to avoid. As both a social media manager and marketing department leader, Bernadette has a keen understanding of the delicate balance between offering helpful information and over-selling, and she can help you navigate this line with ease.

During your consultation, Bernadette can provide a detailed review of your Facebook and Instagram pages, offer tips on how to create viral posts and explain how to properly read analytics. She can also guide you through the process of creating attention-grabbing e-blasts, selecting compelling content, and effectively segmenting your email lists.

At its core, this consultation is designed to give you an inside look at what Patti's All-American Gym does to succeed in the world of social media and online advertising. By sharing her insights on what customers want and need, Bernadette can help you attract new business and build stronger relationships with your current customers. So why wait? Call 219.865.2274 or email Bernadette at to schedule your consultation today.