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#167 - Customer Service Systems That Make a Dramatic Difference in Retention

We have to make parents raving fans of our gyms from the moment they step into our facility. To be successful we know we need to create relationships with every one of our students and their parents. Patti explains systems, not just tactics, she uses at her gym to make each family feel special and therefore more apt to recruit their friends. That's what makes us a profit, a continual flow of new customers. She will explain systems for subjects such as: New Person Registration, Working the Front Desk, New Student (Super VIP), Child Gets Hurt in Class, Complaints & Refunds, Make-ups, and Customer Appreciation (yes that's a system, too). Management of your gym business will be easier with systems (1 hr. 5 min. video & 26-page eBook). Please scroll down to watch a short clip from this video. 

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