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#171 - Supersize Your Gym?Take Your Gym to The Next Level

Most of these strategies will work whether your gym has 100 students or 1000. The goal is to increase your income without increasing your expenses—at least not too much. I see so many gym owners make the mistake of not doing one or two key strategies that could easily propel them to that next level. In America the average gym enrollment is probably 500 students. Why do so many gyms get stuck at that number? We’ll look at that. We’re going to cover some key things to do to take your gym from a small gym to a Mega-Gym! Have a clear picture of what you want the business to look like with the end in mind. Look and act that way from now on. Model the company from this template. Patti will help you grow to that next level (1 hour video & 6-page book)! Please scroll down to watch a short clip from this video. 

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