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#202 - Year-Long School-Age Lesson Plan Book

Ready for a full calendar year of energy and excitement? This 142-page eBook contains a complete set of 26 lesson plans. Included are stations and the specific skills to work on weekly. These items are lifesavers, giving the school-age teacher an exact guide for each class. Lesson plans coincide with the weekly themes and set-ups used in #201 - make it easy on your teachers! All lesson plans are editable. (Editable lesson plans are also included in the instant download version.) 

The lessons included in this package:

-Circuits and Straddles
-Parent's Spotting
-Mounts and Dismounts
-Super Bowl Time
-Val Pal
-Gym Show for Parents
-Supports Week
-Dance Week
-Aerial Cartwheel Week
-Gym Contest for Ribbons
-Fitness Testing
-Spring Week
-Dad's Photo Op Day
-Tumblefest Gym Show

Click on the "Sample Lesson Plans, Handouts, and Free Articles" link on the left to view a "Sample Lesson Plan"

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202 - sample.pdf (897.73 KB)
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