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#602 - Year-Round, Must-Have Social Media Ideas at Your Fingertips

Studies show over 60% of consumers review the social media channels of local businesses before they commit to a purchase. And, to get new students you probably spend 100% of your advertising budget on social. Social media is now a part of all active, responsible businesses. You know you need to be posting regularly to your channels. But why re-invent the wheel? This book was designed to give you 12 months of ideas to keep your social media channels active, current, and SUCCESSFUL. Use these successful posts to create your own while adding your own style and flair. This time-saving book is ideal for any busy owner heading up their own social media. 

Chapters include:

  • Chapter 1 - Holidays and National Recognition Days
  • Chapter 2 - “Feel Goods” and Funny Stuff – They’re Not Just Fillers
  • Chapter 3 - Class Enrollment Promos and Special Event Ideas  
  • Chapter 4 - Soft Advertisements 
  • Chapter 5 - Reminders
  • Chapter 6 - Staff and Facility – Brag About Them! 
  • Chapter 7 - Local and Useful Info
  • Chapter 8 - Facebook Cover Photos 
  • Chapter 9 - Live Shots – They’re Not Just for Stories
  • Chapter 10 - Videos

It also makes a great gift to give to your busy Social Media Manager or to yourself if you are the gym owner and are doing it all right now. We can all use content and design ideas. This 50-page eBook can help! 

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