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#3LP - Cartwheel Carnival Preschool Lesson Plan

Welcome to our Cartwheel Carnival Lesson Plan! Cartwheels are great for teaching laterality - the ability to move sideways in a lateral plane. That's an important aspect of a child's learning to read. When in life do we walk or move sideways? That's right... Never. It's also an agility drill that can be used later in other sports. A cartwheel is a skill both boys and girls want to learn. Nothing is more fun for a child than to say to their Grandma, "Watch me do my cartwheel!" Muscle focus: Heart.  


  • Detailed lesson plan (includes complete set-ups for bars, beam, floor, trampoline, and Tumbl Trak. Plus suggested skill goals, parent & tot time, music suggestions, beginning and ending activities, muscle of the month, and plenty of explanations!) 
  • Photos
  • Parent handout
  • Coloring sheet

Available as a single lesson plan.  

This lesson plan is also available in #201.2 - Tumblebear Gym Year-Long Preschool Lesson Plan Book 2nd Edition.

Digital Download