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#406 - Info I Learned From a Recent Lawsuit

Patti recently went through a lawsuit and has many things she learned about that she wants to share with the industry. 

Patti talks about:

  • If the waiver helped and the law about them
  • What you SHOULD say to the parents about an accident at your gym
  • How long does a parent have to file suit?
  • What I did really right for the lawsuit to go in my favor?
  • Why you need a confidentiality agreement
  • What you should do immediately following an accident
  • Should you have security cameras or not
  • How much can a plaintiff ask for and how much can they get?
  • Why you should use professional lesson plans from a pro in the industry
  • Does being safety certified matter in court?
  • What is tort reform?
  • What do compensatory and punitive damages mean? 
  • Does your state cap damages for pain and suffering?
  • What is the statute of limitations?
  • Does padding and matting make a difference in court?
  • Do we need to keep certificates from teachers' and coaches' certifications?
  • Did you know you should have a safety team?
  • Did you know you should have safety addressed in your mission statement?

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