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#730 - Preschool Star Award Ribbons

We should recognize hard work whenever we can and we have the awards ribbons to help you make that happen! The vibrant and affirmative messages conveyed by our Preschool Star Award Ribbons will make your little athletes and parents smile and beam with pride. This package of eight award ribbons includes:  

  1. Jump (the "Jump" ribbon should be awarded when a child can jump 2 feet off the ground)
  2. Bear Walk  
  3. Cartwheel
  4. Forward Roll
  5. Forward Roll On Bar 
  6. Hang Swing
  7. V Sit On Beam     
  8. Seat Drop     

These downloads are emailed to you in high-resolution pdf and jpeg format. Ready to send to your favorite award/ribbon manufacturing company along with a copy of your logo (for the bottom section of the ribbon). 

*Each ribbon is designed to be 2"x6". Fun!!

Digital Download